Umena joined Oldtown in Spring of 2014. Within days of first posting on the forums, he became famous among the other forum members for his meaningful and very lengthy posts. He was also a prominent member of factions, and the leader of Katians, until his disappearance led to pogala taking his position as Katian's leader.

After coming backEdit

After dissappearing for about half a year, Umena came back in September and continued being an active member of the server. Factions, his favourite game mode, was already gone, so he joined acid islands where he got to know the bitterness of frustration, so he decided to quit that horrible (from his point of view) gamemode and came back to survival, where he built for the first time a normal house with no defensive systems.

Another interesting point is that he got to create a map where he showcases the infinite possibilities that command blocks offer and posted it on the forums. Some of his creations, like the ninja arrows, have not been showcased anywhere and others are original creations and recombinations of known commands.

As time passed by, Umena decided to donate for the server and became closer to staff members such as Rylankale or AmberOfSickness and, after some time and one application, they decided to take him on the staff group, where he has cooperated in building arenas for minigames, apporting ideas and moderating the server in general.