Rylankale is one of the most well-known and well-respected players on Oldtown, dating back to mid-2013, and although he is not a member of staff, he holds the record for most successful ban appeals.


Rylankale's skin's face is caucasian, with square blue eyes, a faint nose, and no mouth. It has been also stated by others that he has "chubby cheeks". His hair is a dark strawberry-blonde, and save for prominent sideburns, is not notably long. Rylankale has had a number of skins from time to time. However, they tend to be covered by armor. Rylankale will usually wear a wither skull or enchanted diamond helmet on his head, and has his torso, legs, and feet covered by black leather, enchanted gold, or enchanted diamond armor.

Rylankale's face

Rylankale is unusually calm for an Oldtowner, another way in which he resembles staff. This allows his dialouge to at least seem more significant and thought-out than that of others. He is also one of the best (if not the best) explorers on Oldtown-- meaning that he is generally nomadic, and is usually one of the first to mine diamonds, kill the ender dragon, etc. He therefore tends to own high-quality materials sooner than most others. He disapproves of capsing, describing it as "[being] like screaming". His sense of humor, when it shows, will often be dirty jokes, and Rylankale's dirty mind will show if he is given a chance to use it. He makes impressive builds, with the most common component materials being stone brick and nether brick. He prefers these builds to be rather secluded, and away from most others.
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One of Rylankale's builds







Rylan's Tower