pogala joined in late December, 2013, and joined the Old Town forums, in early January of 2014. Many of his first forum post were ideas for creations and projects for the server. After many of these succeded he went on to make more ideas and creations. As time went on, pogala went on to be the second ultimate on survival, and to donate over five hundred dollars to Old Town. After this, he set his sights on factions, and joined Knites after his betryal by Bud_Bundy. Though he enjoyed his time at Knites, they started to wither away, and he seeked a new place to call home. He found this "home" with Katians, and over time he worked his way up to Katians' Officer rank. After this he continued to support Katians, and they're leader Umena. During his time as officer, he had clocked in over one hundred hours, by helping Umena build a secret obsidian base far off from spawn. This construction continued until Umena's sudden dissapreanece in late May. After this, he took over the position of leader in Katians, and has lead it ever since.