There are a number of Oldtown servers, and each has its own unique spawn. This is a list and description of each of them;

The HubEdit

When players log on to Oldtown, they will always spawn in the Hub. From it,
2014-04-08 10.50.20

The Oldtown Hub

they can go to any of the Oldtown servers. The hub consists of 4 portals, placed at even intervals around the large stadium it is; Survival, Factions, Creative, and Skyland. As of now, Factions is reached via ip "", and Skyland is under construction.

Survival SpawnEdit

The Survival spawn is easily the largest
2013-12-17 14.15.34

The Shop at the Survival spawn, in winter theme

2014-04-08 10.46.30

The main building of the hub

one. It consists of a main building, mostly used for welcoming new users, which contains rules, info, and the teleport the the warps. It also includes a shop area, where players can exchange "C" (cash/credits) for items such as wood and pork, and another teleport to the warps. There is additonally an outdoor garden to the left of the main building, which is used for scenic purposes only, a spleef arena, which can be accessed through a sign in-between the main building and the shop area, the jails, and a "chill area".

Creative SpawnEdit

The Creative spawn is fairly bland and simple. It consists of high stone walls
2014-04-08 10.49.04

The End of the Creative Spawn

with an open ceiling, and excellent sign making along the way by rylankale. The spawn includes the rules of playing on the server, and a warp to the creative world.

Factions SpawnEdit

The fa
2014-04-10 21.48.22

Welcoming area for Factions

2014-04-10 21.54.21

Pvp Zone outside of the Main Area

ctions spawn is, mostly because of what factions itself is, not a very common hangout for players. It consists of a topside garden, a lower area with warps, and external to the squared spawn area is a flat grassy pvp zone.