Iris Tower


LostRoses & MasterCrackerZ

Co-founders: Denmarkguy2 Samlaur1234

Short Description: 

Iris and the living; Iris is a beautiful quaint village with plenty to do, nestled in the midst of a large flower forest biome, with plenty of land around to mine and explore! Iris residents are given the freedom of choice to live in a hotel room or a one chunk claim house. All homes come with an exciting layout and have stables to keep about 2 horses on site of their claim! Houses are usually built by LostRoses but if a resident wishes to build their own house then they may, there are strict exterior build requirements to keep the village to standards.

Adventure and the Wanderers; Every now and then the village residents will go on adventures (usually horseback) for team building exercises whilst collecting resources, sometimes the residents will invite other players to visit the village to join these adventures too.

Food & Livestock; Most homes made by LostRoses usually have a small gardening patch, enough to keep you plenished. Although this may not be enough we have got a very large sky farm ran by Denmarkguy2 with a feast hall bellow in the shadows. Although animals quite often spawn naturally in the village, we do have a controlled farm for chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. But along side this we specialise in horse and donkey breeding to benefit residents and for the Wonderer's to use.

How to apply for residence: Ask any Owner/Co-Owner if you may join, we do run on a trust basis so if we don't know you then don't be offended if we are wary of your presence. LostRoses and MasterCrackerZ usually set up anyone new to Iris in the hotel until we create the house made for them.