Oldtown has quite the community-- here is your textbook guide to it.


For the most part, people on Oldtown get along with one another. Sometimes, friendships are formed between players. This is good, because it creates a tight-knit community. On Oldtown, having friends means a number of benefits. The first is that your friends are much more likely to give gifts. Asking someone you don't know for free items likely won't work, but most friends do this without a second thought. The second main advantage to Oldtown friendships is followers. Having friends makes starting an event, idea, party (et cetera) a much more feasible task. The third main advantage to having friends on Oldtown is that they will probably not try to grief you... unless they're a jerk. So how do you get Oldtown friends? 1: Be nice  2: Give gifts  3: Participate in activites 4: Be amazing... good luck.


There ar
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A relatively small town

e a number of main towns in Oldtown, which hold most of the players. Towns are generally begun by a singular player, who finds a good piece of land (usually near a warp) and invites other players to come live there. Towns have been known to house as many as 20 players on Oldtown, and are very advantageous from a social standpoint. It also makes activites very easy to perform, as they can simply be posted in a townsquare. To qualify as a town, there must be three or more houses clustered in a certain area, with the intention of making a town by the owners.


There is the occasional rivalry between players on Oldtown.These tend to be rather petty, and no big deal; in fact, they can be rather fun to watch. If you notice a player rivalry, be sure not to take sides, and try to stop anything getting out of hand.


Oldtown, at times, can be pretty dramatic. This usually happens when multiple popular players have a conflict, and their friends take sides. Such drama isn't at all common, but it has been known to happen in the past. As in any rivalry, be sure not to take sides, and it will eventually die down. Other kinds of drama are spam, which can be stopped by staff, and relationship drama; it is not advised to take part in an online relationship, in order to prevent dramatic outbursts.


Sometimes, online members of the community will come together and take
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A group of friends meeting for a picture

part in activities. This can range anywhere from simply taking pictures,  to a large hunger games match, or creative activites (making a "sparta pit", having a "secret santa" game, etc). Activites are fun to take part in, take any opprotunity to join in on them you get!