BiGUNMAN is the lead developer of Oldtown, sometimes referred to as the owner.

The face of BiGUNMAN's skin

He is one of the longest-dating members, and is decisively at the top of the staff heirarchy.


BiGUNMAN's skin's face is a tan caucasian, with dark blue eyes covered by shades, dark blonde hair, and no mouth or nose. His outfit is mostly black leather, and resembles the attire of teenagers in the 1950's. BiGUNMAN's personality is generally business-oriented; however, his humorous side occasianally shows. He is one of the fairest judges on Oldtown. He also has a hobby for making scenic videos of Minecraft, and posting them on YouTube and

Roles in the ServerEdit

BiGUNMAN works as a Developer, manages the money, works on new features and overall

One of the photos used by BiGUNMAN to advertise Oldtown

manages the servers. He enjoys talking to the players and getting the awesome feedback. He tries to make new players feel welcome, and personally would've wanted Oldtown as his first Minecraft server.




-The BiG Man